A Guide to Cytomel (T3) Cycles for Men and Women

Guide to Cytomel

Cytomel is a synthetic version of a natural human hormone called triiodothyronine or thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormone is produced by the thyroid gland and is essential for energy metabolism, growth and development. Thyroxine is the best type of thyroid hormone to give to people who want to lose weight and are having problems with metabolic rate.

The higher your T3 level is, the more calories you will burn, and the more fat loss potential you will have. A T3 booster, also known as a T3 hormone or triiodothyronine, is a drug that’s prescribed to those with hypothyroidism, but it’s commonly used by bodybuilders to achieve their goals.

Typical Dosages

To determine the ideal dosage of T3 for bodybuilding/fat loss purposes, you’ll need to know what is currently considered to be a supraphysiological dose and then determine how much T3 you need to consume in order to achieve that supraphysiological amount. 25 mcg – 75 mcg of T3 will generally achieve this effect, however, again, not all T3 is created with equal quality.

T3 is most commonly obtained from a pharmacy (prescribed by your doctor), and the recommended starting dose is generally 25 mcg – 75 mcg of T3, with the average dosage being about 30 mcg. The recommended starting dose for treating Hypothyroidism is typically much lower (5-10 mcg per day), and may be titrated up based on your doctor’s recommendations.

My personal preference is to never go above 50mcg of T3. Higher doses of T3 are catabolic, as they don’t distinguish between muscle and stored fat, so the higher your dose of T3 is, the more muscle you will lose.

The key to getting the best results out of a supplement is to choose an ideal dosage and stick with it. My personal opinion is that 50 mcg is just right for everyone, but if you’re going for the full benefit of supraphysiological doses, I’d say 75 mg is enough.

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Side Effects

Cytomel T3 Side Effects

You start to run the risk of getting more serious side effects like tachycardia, muscle loss, anxiety, and feeling weak with any dose past 50 mcg.

However, side effects that will be notable at any dose, but will be more pronounced the higher you dose T3 will be increased body temperature, increased hunger, and in some cases (I get this) constant muscle flatness. By muscle flatness I mean it is a lot harder to get a pump, and your muscles lack that pop that they have when they are properly glycogen loaded and hydrated.

Your appetite will increase once you go above 50 mcg. I love the effect of taking T3 for many reasons, but the best reason is that I know it works. 

Beginner T3 Cycle

Using Cytomel on its own in a cycle is very simple. The first few weeks of use are the most important for assessing your reaction to the drug. The higher your starting dose, the higher your chances of experiencing an unwanted reaction to Cytomel, so we advise that you keep it low, especially if you’re just starting. 

The easiest way to avoid negative reactions is to use a pyramid approach and start with a low dose. During the first phase of the cycle, the dose increases as the cycle progresses, followed by a decrease in dose towards the end of the cycle. After the initial 4-6 weeks, when your T3 levels have stabilized, you can safely reduce the dose and resume your normal activity level. Some people can be completely fine taking Cytomel, while others have to cycle it. 

Week mcg per day
1 25
2 25
3 37.5-75
4 37.5-75
5 37.5-75
6 37.5-75
7 37.5-75
8 25
9 25
10 25

If you’re a regular Cytomel user, you may be interested in this cycle. This cycle can be run for a shorter period of just 8 weeks with dosages adjusted accordingly.

Regardless of your daily dosage, you can take the entire dose in one administration each day as there is no need to split the dose. If you’re an anabolic steroid user then you stand to gain the most out of Cytomel as you’ll be able to combat its potential muscle loss effects by taking a powerful anabolic compound that will help retain or build muscle while you’re using Cytomel to burn fat.

What To Expect

What to Expect

An experienced steroid user who has decided to try Cytomel should be aware of the fact that it won’t be giving you the same kind of results as steroids, but it will be adding to the benefits you get from your steroid stack.

Your muscle growth will be affected by your workout and diet program, so your results will be highly dependent on your program. That means that your results with Cytomel will be more like the results you get from a lower dose of steroids.

You can expect to see a good amount of weight loss when using Cytomel. However, the exact amount of weight lost will depend on your dietary choices. Cytomel will not cause you to directly burn fat, but it will increase your metabolic rate which makes it easier for you to burn fat. The better your diet is, the quicker you will lose weight with Cytomel.

You’ll need to be working out regularly and doing plenty of cardio work to make the most of your increased metabolism as a result of Cytomel’s activity of providing a constant source of thyroid hormone. Your level of fat loss will also depend on your current body condition – there is no set standard number of results for you to expect, but you can be certain of seeing a positive outcome if you put in the required effort.

Where To Get Cytomel (T3)

Where to get Cytomel (T3)

There are many online pharmacies that offer T3, the only problem is that many of them aren’t legitimate. If you do your due diligence, check out online reviews, and have a chat with veteran users, then maybe you’ll be able to find a site that’s legit and that offers a quality product.

One T3 producer we can recommend, however, is Maxtreme Pharma. Their T3-Max-100 is the real deal, and is in fact what we’ve been using. 

Head on to their website, or to one of their distributors’ websites, and add T3-Max-100 to your cart. It definitely works as advertised.

T3-Max-100 Customer Reviews

  1. “I am writing this review to share my experience with the T3-MAX-100 supplement. I have never had any experience with diet pills before but after taking this supplement, I lost 10 pounds in over a month. It also helped me feel full for longer periods of time and gave me more energy. All in all, it is a great supplement and it has changed my life” — John C.
  2. “Ever since I started taking the T3-MAX-100, I’ve seen huge changes in my body. It’s like it’s melting away all that fat that has been weighing me down. The results are impressive and the weight loss is evident in days, not weeks or months! Plus, there are no side effects to speak of. My stomach feels flatter and I feel great!” — Levi R.
  3. “I have always struggled to lose weight and it’s an issue that I’ve dealt with for my entire life. I’m so grateful that T3-MAX-100 was recommended to me because it has done wonders for my body! Not only have I lost the excess pounds, but it’s also helped flatten my stomach.” — Aidan B.
  4. “I tried a lot of supplements before, and they never seemed to work. T3-MAX-100 is the only one that has actually worked for me. I’m not losing weight too quickly, but I am losing weight and my energy levels are incredibly high. The best thing about this supplement is that I am not hungry the entire day like some other supplements make me feel” — Josiah H.
  5. “I’ve been taking the T3-MAX-100 weight loss supplement for about 3 months now and I can say with confidence that it is the most effective supplement on the market. It has helped me shed 15 pounds of fat and keeps it off, unlike other products I have tried in the past. Highly recommend it!” — Dylan B.
  6. “T3-MAX-100 is a wonderful weight loss supplement that has helped me lose a lot of weight. I’m happy to report that this product is the real deal and I would recommend it to anyone looking to lose weight. T3-MAX-100 really does work!” — Ezra K.
  7. “I have been looking for a weight loss supplement for over a year now, and none of the other products I tried seemed to work. It wasn’t until I started taking T3-MAX-100 that I saw any results, and then they were quick to show up. My clothes are now fitting better, I have more energy during the day, and all around feel much better than ever.” — Caleb N.
  8. “Ever since I was a kid I have always struggled with my weight. For the past few years, I’ve been trying many different pills but none of them ever gave me any results. T3-MAX-100 is the first product that has actually worked for me!” — Wesley S.

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