Tech Shield V.1 // Infinite Spider

Optimized to train with you in any conditions. Military-grade velcro tube slots, amphibious nylon net, and multidimensional waterproof compartments give its user the ultimate workout experience. Made up of [ Quadra straps ™ ], the pack is fit specifically to your bodies dimensions for optimal performance.

The Tech Shield V.1 has a trapezium geometric shape. Inspired from the kingdom of nature, the Odin team based the design of the bag on the spider; similar eyes located on the front of the bag gazing into the world. The 4 holes (eyes) are made with black matte metallic air tubes so items stored inside the bag will have maximum ventilation in which heat is released to the exterior. The gear breathes as you breathe. On the back panel, a reflective logo is laid out for those of you who like to travel at night.

Color: White Logo / Black chest bag

Forged with the capabilities of:

  • Adaptability
  • Reflective Gear
  • Tensile reluctance [ T-R capability ™ ]
  • Comfortability
  • Body Cooling Technology

1 Size fits all.

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